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    Entrepreneur, Writer, Educational Speaker, Photographer

    1-310-373-3169 - Brad@Bartz.com
    Support The Last Free American Board Game on Kickstarter!

    The Last Free American
    On Kickstarter Campaign!

    The Last Free American is a physical and digital platform board game that inspires, provokes and informs knowledge-based conversations about political issues from gun ownership to freedom of religion, economic freedom and beyond.

    The object of the game is to be the last free American, a feat that is achieved by prevailing over rivals by playing the winning argument and strategy cards.

    This is a social entrepreneur enterprise in that our long-term goal is to promote more intelligent political discussions and to facilitate political activism.

    We are raising funds to use for programming the online version and for promoting the physical version through activist and education organizations nationwide.

    Licenses to create games are free to the public. The business model is based on maintaining exclusive rights to sell sponsorships for all games and to stage competitions.

    We have filed for intellectual protection of the platform and game elements and have obtained the relevant domain names.

    We have also developed and distributed a prototype game aimed at illustrating the micro end of the game applications.

    The platform is designed to accommodate continuous development of new games based around new political issues and to allow users and creators to focus their game as narrowly or broadly as they like.

    For example, our debut game, My Artifice focuses on the politics of energy and local public utilities in California.

    The game's goal is to educate players about how these politics affect their lives and, more important, how to take direct action to challenge the status quo of utility providers.

    We are raising funds to finish the board game design to prepare for production, distribution and licensing.

    The Story. This is Brad Bartz announcing this kickstarter campaign to fund to The Last Free American board game.

    The signs are everywhere. As a society, we're becoming more and more divided over politics. People are getting turned off to the idea of even discussing current affairs, let alone debating them.

    More and more big decisions are being made in the dark by self-interested parties unafraid of having to answer to voters, who are mostly too turned off to even participate.

    That's why I've created The Last Free American a board game that makes talking about politics fun, informative and cool. We've carefully designed a matrix of discussion that brings players deeply into the factual and moral principles surrounding every issue.

    The game is set up to deters and sidetracks angry denunciation and to favor careful argument and accurate representation. That is the winning strategy.

    But that's not exactly what makes The Last Free American Game uniquely worthy of your support.

    The Last Free American Game deserves your backing because it provides a dynamic fund-raising, organizing and educational platform for virtually any public advocacy organization.

    We will provide The Last Free American game platform both as a physical board game and an online version free to any legitimate public advocacy organization.

    The organizations themselves will create and own the actual content for the games, while we provide the tools to format that content into the game. In return, The Last Free American game will receive a 10 percent licensing fee on funds raised by using the game.

    It works like this: Californians for Clean Air creates a list of factual points that argue for their views, players involved, benefits of success and penalties for failure then inputs them into the The Last Free American game matrix. This will generate files allowing them to print out all the cards and board surface needed to play the game, or to immediately start playing the game online.

    The group then invites players to compete and asks for an entry free, with 10 percent of the pool to go the final winner.

    For most organizations, the amount of the money will initially be small, but as the game's scope and popularity grows, they will have the opportunity to build it into an annual tradition on their fund-raising and outreach calendars.

    The Last Free American game, the revenue opportunity is significant because the platform can apply to any political group.

    This is a great project to support! Get your Last Free American hat today!

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    Bradley Lawrence Bartz, Author, picks up his camera and jots down his words in a fun and story-telling manner. Enjoy Bartz's travelogues and books as he documents his travels around the world. From Japan to Amtrak Across America, Bartz plans and executes business and pleasure.

    The Solar Bible is in its 7th edition and continues to provide paths to renewable energy. Visit www.ABCsolar.com. 18 Years in Solar!

    Japan.co.jp: Hardhat Required is an informative read on how to do business in Japan and more importantly how to continue to see past what others call failure.

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    Watch Me Build. We can build your dream home or rebuild your castle.

    Anjara Ingrid Bartz was born in Aachen and received her first professional vocal training at the "Musikhochschule" in Cologne, later on with Juliette Bise-Delnon in Berne, with Edith Mathis and Brigitte Fassbaender.
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  • Bartz Photography

    is one of Missouri's top portrait photography studios, and is located in the heart of historic Butler, Missouri, on the North Side of the downtown square.

    WestBoundStage.com Enjoy your ride, and be sure to send us a wire when you reach your destination...All Aboard!

    Fishing in Virginia

    Barnacle Bills Bait and Tackle

    News of the World by Bartz Partners
    24/7 News Coverage
    24/7 News Coverage
    24/7 News Coverage
    24/7 News Coverage

    Amtrak Across America

    The pleasure of every stop is captured, enjoyed and shared.

    From Los Angeles Union Station on the Southwest Chief to Kansas City, Missouri. Then The Missouri River Runner for corn and wine to St. Louis Missouri. A stay at the grand Union Station Hotel was capped with a Beer Bus to Totality. Yep, we stopped for a drink and the full solar eclipse.

    Leaving St. Louis was hard. The food and new friends were great! What a lovely city all the way around.

    Chicago was a day trip with only a short time on the train. The rest was spent with "Bean" and reflecting on the city's deep history of highs and low slung river ways.

    The wake up call into Cleveland, Ohio was a magical sunrise and gleaming neon lights. Lake side living is a farmers life. Shattered dreams were seen in New Mexico. New York was life.

    Key Videos by Bartz

  • Faces of America
  • Beer Bus to Totality - Eclipse 2017
  • Niagara Falls
  • Canadian Wildwood Cottage Resorts
  • Amtrak Across America Leg 1 - LAX to STL
  • Amtrak Across America Leg 2 - STL to CHI
  • Amtrak Across America Leg 3 - CHI to BUF

    Many thanks to DJI for their Mavic Pro and Osmo 4K cameras. Mavie flew and captured science. Osmo stuck to the Amtrak Window and captured America.

    The Rail Road Right-of-Way reaches.

    Stay Tuned! Diane Clapp Bartz is painting this trip across America. If you see something you really like please tell us! Diane experienced these views so her interpretations will be touching. Email Studio@Bartz.com.

  • If you have any questions please email Brad@Bartz.com. You can call me also at 1-310-373-3169. We are happy to feature more Bartz Activities. Just give me a shout!