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IAC has created this demonstration to help you learn about and more easily access the Internet. Since you are reading this message, congratulations, you have already taken a major step forward. You are using software programs you need to connect to the Internet and to browse the World Wide Web.

You are reading this document just as you would read millions of similarly formatted documents available on the Internet. It is called a "hypertext" document. All items underlined in color can be clicked on with your mouse to transport you to a "hyperlinked" document or location. Scroll up the page and you will see that the red item becomes black after you visit the link. This is done to help you keep track of the links you have previously explored.

The linking of documents is the basis of the World Wide Web. The major difference is that on the World Wide Web, the documents are not typically residing on your hard drive, but are located on millions of computers around the world, each of which is part of the Internet.

    IAC will help you discover the Internet and let you sample the exciting, World Wide Web right from your hard drive. There is no charge or obligation for this demonstration. You don't even need a modem. To start, just click your mouse on any area of interest below on either a text link or a graphic link:

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